Share Financials

Share touches the lives of more than 10,000 men, women and children in our community each year.

Our program and services can be accessed at locations across the county—from the west-side of Vancouver to Washougal and from Woodland to downtown Vancouver.

Share envisions a community without hunger, where all people have safe and adequate housing and the skills to enhance their quality of life.

2016 Annual Report: One Page Summary
2016 Annual Report: 12-page Booklet













2016 Total Revenue*: $7,785,508
Government Grants    $4,755,214
Interest & Dividends    $66,831
Private Donations    $579,580
In-Kind Donations    $822,407
Fundraising: Events    $506,468
Fundraising: Appeal Campaigns    $342,257
Private Foundation Grants    $377,715
Student Employment Reimbursement    $12,897
Rents & Miscellaneous Reimbursement    $322,141

2016 Total Expenses*: $7,622,593
Shelter System     $1,332,376
Hunger Response Programs    $1,038,686
Street Outreach Program    $883,122
Housing Programs    $2,995,175
Financial Programs    $203,987
Fundraising: Events    $249,902
Fundraising: Appeal Campaigns    $31,769
Fundraising: Marketing & Development    $294,516
Administration    $593,053

Share’s 2015 Annual Report
2015 Share Audited Financial Statement
2015 Share Form 990