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Share wants to be part of a community that brings about change. We are committed to actively working to dismantle racist systems, focusing on sustainable solutions to structural racism, police violence, and inequitable economic, health care, and education systems. It requires all institutions,
including ours, to ask what more we can and should do to live our commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion – and we must be brave enough to make changes.

The vast racial disparities in those experiencing homelessness and poverty are also stark examples of historic inequity, reflecting an unacceptable indifference to the humanity of Black Americans. Too often being homeless is considered a personal or a moral failing. However, homelessness should be understood as a failure of our system to implement the right to affordable housing and to restore justice and dignity to those for whom it matters most.

Share continues to work with the Vancouver Police Department and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to seek positive responses to incidents within our community. Most often, we’ve worked directly with those involved as opposed to making public statements. However, we have come to acknowledge that silence on inequity is complicity and a public response is both responsible and required.

At Share, we continue to reexamine our policies to ensure that we are leading with a vision for equity.

Today’s crises are a stark reminder of the importance for people to vote, to engage in policy reform and political reform, to not tolerate the rhetoric of fear and anger. Through respectful, constructive and honest conversations, together we can build safer, unified communities to call home.

Share’s E-Team & Taskforce has established a plan for 2020-2021 which includes:

  • Create and coordinate initial and on-going trainings on equity throughout Share, including leadership, employees and volunteers
  • Establish policies, procedures, and forms for reporting discrimination and harassment
  • Administer Equity Survey to all Share staff
  • Establish clear and consistent communication about Share’s equity work across the organization to celebrate progress, support accountability and transparency, and identify emerging needs/opportunities to advance equity
  • Change hiring and promotion practices to prioritize equity and track job retention information to identify areas in which change is needed
  • Review policies and procedures for working with police, probation and Department of Corrections; develop tracking procedure for police interactions/ 911 calls
  • Establish 4 task forces: training, hiring, policing & harassment


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