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Rent Well classes through Share are underway via Zoom, plus two classes at Women’s Housing and Transition!

We are also delighted to announce we have 3 new Certified Rent Well instructors: Brenda, Jovian, and Lisa. We hope to add another Rent Well class mid to late March.

Please note our hours to coordinate and deliver this valuable 15-hour tenant education curriculum have significantly decreased due to funding.  Hence please accept our deepest gratitude for your understanding as we look forward to continue empowering individuals as they gain confidence in their ability to get the keys and keep the keys!  

If you are interested in joining the Rent Well wait list, please complete the short form below. 

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Guadalupe Aragón,

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Rent Well was created to help educate individuals to be better tenant and neighbors. It is a 15-hour tenant education course, taught by certified instructors, focused on how to be a successful tenant and neighbor. Whether you are interested in knowing your rights as a tenant, finding out how landlords might screen you for a place, or want to boost your apartment hunting skills, Rent Well is for you. Topics include:

  • How laws affect your relationship with your landlord
  • Legal vs. Illegal Discrimination
  • Reasonable Accommodations for persons with disabilities
  • How landlords screen potential renters
  • Different types of housing options
  • Identifying your housing wants vs. needs
  • How to apply for a unit
  • Reviewing rental agreements
  • How to deal with termination and eviction processes
  • Understanding what your landlord expects of you
  • What are the responsibilities of your landlord
  • How to be a good tenant and neighbor
  • How to keep your home healthy and safe
  • How your choices can affect your housing situation
  • How to communicate with your landlord and neighbors
  • Understanding the landlord’s point of view
  • Setting goals and action steps to achieve your housing plans

Not only will you receive all this important information and more but you will get the opportunity to create a personalized Housing Portfolio tailored to your housing needs. Depending on what county you take the course in you may have access to the Landlord Guarantee Fund once you graduate. This fund can be used as an extra incentive for landlords to rent to you.

Landlord Incentive Fund
The Rent Well Landlord Guarantee is an incentive for a landlord to rent to a Rent Well graduate. The Incentive provides landlords in Clark County with up to $1,000 of financial coverage if the graduate vacates the unit within 12 months from the move-in date as noted on the Lease/Rental Agreement and leaves unpaid rent or damages beyond what their security deposit will cover.

Once a student receives a graduation certificate from a certified instructor, then the graduate has up to 18 months from the date of graduation to secure a new housing opportunity. They then give a copy of their certificate to the potential landlord. The landlord must register for the Rent Well Landlord Guarantee within 14 days of renting to a graduate in order to be eligible for the Guarantee during the next 12 months.

For more information, call (360) 448-2121.

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