‘Sharing Lives’ Newsletter Fall 2016

First-time Family Homelessness On the Rise

Nationwide, a more than 50% increase has been seen in rural and suburban family homelessness. The following is a story as told by single mom, Nicole, mother of three children (two teenagers, one elementary-school aged) who spent time earlier this year at Share Orchards Inn.

“Share Orchards Inn opened up the door to lots of services for me. This is my first time experiencing homelessness. I’ve never even had any major hardships in my life and I’m not familiar with the systems of getting help.

“Since coming here, it’s helped me to identify my barriers to housing, helped me get some credit counseling, so that I can get things back under control and get back into housing.

“I’ve been working the whole time, which is probably a little bit odd for some to think of when they think of homeless people. But any more it’s the experience of homelessness, not just someone who doesn’t work or abuses drugs or chooses to be homeless. It’s actually a very hard world out there and once you lose your home, I had no idea how hard it was to try to find another one.

Click here to read more of Nicole’s story.

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