‘Sharing Lives’: Holiday 2015 Edition

Dedicated & Supportive Staff Help Share ASPIRE Client Reach Goal

A little over two years ago, Amber’s life was not so great. She had been in and out of prison several times and struggled with “how to live the correct way in the real world.” And then she found Share. After a short stay at Share Orchards Inn, Amber was accepted into our ASPIRE Program.

It was so awesome to be accepted into ASPIRE and move into our own apartment, but it was overwhelming with all the classes. And I wasn’t used to people helping me,” said Amber. “But my case manager, Cara, and Tom, the Assistant Program Director, were amazing—always there for me whenever I reached out for help. They helped me break the destructive cycle I was living in.

Amber took baby steps, eventually “learning to walk on my own.” Classes helped her accomplish everyday tasks like grocery shopping. She learned the importance of prioritizing, making a list and staying on budget. Click here to read more of Amber’s success story.

15 Holiday_cover_smDownload a PDF version of the Holiday 2015 Edition of ‘Sharing Lives’ to read all the stories from this quarter.

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