Matched Giving & Estate Planning

Give strength to our community by providing hope to those in need.
Your gift can make it happen.

Get Your Gift Matched.

Ever wish you could make your gift dollars go further? You can – through your company’s matching gift program. Thousands of companies, small and large, have matching gift programs which double or even triple individual, tax-deductible contributions made by their employees. And your employer may be one of them!

The process is simple. Ask if your company has a matching gift program. If so, obtain a matching gift form from your personnel office or matching gift coordinator, fill it out completely and send it along with your contribution to: Share, 2306 NE Andresen Road, Vancouver, WA 98661. We will complete the form and submit it to your employer. It’s as easy as that! Your gift and your company’s matching contribution will help Share reach its goal of serving the homeless and hungry in our community.

Consider Share in Your Estate Planning.

Many people are unaware that by making a gift in their will or estate plan to Share, they can continue to help people in need long into the future. If you are considering naming Share in your estate, thank you! Make that first step today by filling out the Intent to Give fom available here.

Next, hire a trusted legal or financial advisor who can help you develop a plan for making charitable gifts that complement your current investment and estate plans. He or she can help you determine:

  • The appropriate gift level based on your circumstances;
  • The type of gift;
  • The tax implications of your gift; and
  • How to best structure the gift to benefit both you and Share

To discuss some of the options available, please contact Diane McWithey, Share’s Executive Director, at (360) 952-8216.